AVReAl update – 1.28r2

avreal v1.28r2 (Mon 2010-04-19) has been released.

  • Verification error for internal code list element wich crosses 64К words boundary (ATmega2560, ATmega2561) – fixed.
  • avreal crashes when -a is used without -p or +chip switches – fixed.
  • ATmega164A, ATmega324A, ATmega1284, ATmega328, AT90pwm81 added
  • Aliases for “A”-versions added:
        ATmega8A,    ATmega16A,  ATmega32A,  ATmega64A,  ATmega128A,
        ATmega48A,   ATmega88A,  ATmega168A,
        ATmega48PA,  ATmega88PA, ATmega168PA,
        ATmega164PA, ATmega644A, ATmega165PA,
        ATtiny261A,  ATtiny461A, ATtiny861A
  • If dlportio.dll (or emulator) does not have a block write function, own byte-by-byte write function will be used.
  • win32 version – dynamic linking of ftd2xx.dll function FT_Reload removed.

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