AVReAl update — 1.28r6

avreal v1.28r6 (Sun 2011-01-09) has been released.

  • ATmega325A and ATmega329A are added.
  • Aliases for “A”-versions are added:
        ATmega165A, ATmega645A, ATmega6450A
        ATmega169A, ATmega329PA, ATmega649A, ATmega6490A
  • avreal/Linux64, FT2232* and FT4232H-based adapters:
    Library named libftd2xx.so.0 instead of previously used libftd2xx.so is loaded for FTDI chips support.
    This allows installation both old (required for avreal) and new library versions, for example libftd2xx.so.0.4.16 and libftd2xx.so.1.0.0.
    Read more about libftd2xx.so.1.0.0 problems in 64-bit Linux.
  • -k/-K switch now has two forms with different avreal stages execution order.

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