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bug in ext fuse processing

avreal does not process fuses from Extended Fuse byte for ATmega16M1, ATmega32M1, ATmega64M1, ATmega32C1, ATmega64C1. The fuses are read as 0 and not writed.

Fixed in avreal 1.28rev3

AVReAl update – 1.28r2

avreal v1.28r2 (Mon 2010-04-19) has been released.

  • Verification error for internal code list element wich crosses 64К words boundary (ATmega2560, ATmega2561) – fixed.
  • avreal crashes when -a is used without -p or +chip switches – fixed.
  • ATmega164A, ATmega324A, ATmega1284, ATmega328, AT90pwm81 added
  • Aliases for “A”-versions added:
        ATmega8A,    ATmega16A,  ATmega32A,  ATmega64A,  ATmega128A,
        ATmega48A,   ATmega88A,  ATmega168A,
        ATmega48PA,  ATmega88PA, ATmega168PA,
        ATmega164PA, ATmega644A, ATmega165PA,
        ATtiny261A,  ATtiny461A, ATtiny861A
  • If dlportio.dll (or emulator) does not have a block write function, own byte-by-byte write function will be used.
  • win32 version – dynamic linking of ftd2xx.dll function FT_Reload removed.

bug in avreal -a swicth (1.28r0, 1.28r1)

avreal crashes when -a switch is used without either -p or +chip switch. The bug is not critical because avreal works fine when switch -a is used correctly. Bugfix will be later.

Fixed in avreal 1.28rev2

bug in avreal -n switch

avreal doesn’t check presence of two last bytes of microcontroller flash memory in HEX-file when -n -v swithes are used. The bytes in microcontroller flash memory are threated as erase counter and aren’t verified.

Feb 8, 2010

Нere is not an error, just feature.
The avreal verifies all flash bytes with an input file but siently ignores -n switch.

AVReAl update – 1.28r1

avreal v1.28r1 (Sun 2010-01-31) has been released.

  • FT2232H, FT4232H support is added. Both channels with MPSSE are allowed for programming. Allowable pin names are listed in configuration description.
  • Switch -k is added for waiting an adapter’s key being pressed before starting the programming. See key record description.
  • Switch modifier -os is added for selecting SCK frequency instead of MCU clocking frequency.

AVReAl update – 1.28r0

avreal v1.28r0 (Wed 2010-01-20) has been released.

  • FTDI device list switch -aft2232 -p? doesn’t require microcontroller type switch +name.
  • tiny2313A, tiny4313 added.
  • -az switch leaves FT2232 in MPSSE mode with programming pins configured as inputs.
  • Pin groups led_ok, led_error are added for LPT-based adapters.
  • All record types including led_ok, led_error are supported now for FT2232-based adapter configuration.
  • enable pin for FT2232-based adapters is processed in the same way as for LPT-based so inversion mark ‘~’ is required for buffers with active low enable input.
  • Unbuffered mode is always used for program output for better information refreshing when IDE redirection is used.
  • HEX-file data records (type 00) with zero-length data field are ignored.
  • -ar switch was removed so configuration file must be created for inverted RESET.

AVReAl update – 1.27r4

avreal 1.27r4 has been released.

AVReAl update – 1.27r3

avreal 1.27r3 has been released.

bug in AVReAl 1.27r2

BUGs found in avreal 1.27r2.

  • Unable to program microcontroller flash/eeprom with XTAL supplied by avreal (-o0) and no-polling write switch (-w not -wp). Fuses programming not affected.
  • Inaccuracy in at90usb82, at90usb162, atmega16u2, atmega32u2, atmega328P fuses descriptions.

The update will be released soon.

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