AVReAl update – 1.28r0

avreal v1.28r0 (Wed 2010-01-20) has been released.

  • FTDI device list switch -aft2232 -p? doesn’t require microcontroller type switch +name.
  • tiny2313A, tiny4313 added.
  • -az switch leaves FT2232 in MPSSE mode with programming pins configured as inputs.
  • Pin groups led_ok, led_error are added for LPT-based adapters.
  • All record types including led_ok, led_error are supported now for FT2232-based adapter configuration.
  • enable pin for FT2232-based adapters is processed in the same way as for LPT-based so inversion mark ‘~’ is required for buffers with active low enable input.
  • Unbuffered mode is always used for program output for better information refreshing when IDE redirection is used.
  • HEX-file data records (type 00) with zero-length data field are ignored.
  • -ar switch was removed so configuration file must be created for inverted RESET.

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