DLPortIO 32, DLPortIO x64 for Windows XP, Windows 7

avreal has been working correctly under 64-bit versions of Windows for some years. Experts installed right driver and the program worked properly. But of late years I use linux mostly so 64-bit Windows is not very interesting for me.
Now I found enough time, a place and a disk space for testing by myself DLPortIO driver under Windows7/32 and 64-bit DLPortIO emulator under WindowsXP/64 and Windows7/64. dd program worked hardly restoring hard drive partitions from images for many installation attempts on “clean” system by all possible (even incorrect) methods.

So, installation archives was added yesterday to download page. There are two archives for DLPortIO-32 (GUI and command-line installer) and one archive for DLPortIO-64 (command-line installer). You can download and install an appropriate driver.
I will explain all that several days later.

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DLPortIO and 32-bit Windows.
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  1. Rudolf Kremer says:

    Thanks to you.
    I own an old HP IEC-Buscard in my Computer under WIN XP 32.
    Best Greatings and DRUCHBA.

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