scmRTOS for STM8

There is draft release of scmRTOS port for STM8 microcontrollers and IAR compiler.
The port is based on scmRTOS branch pre-v400.

This port version limitations:

  • LARGE data model is not supported.
  • Software interrupt context switcher is not released.
  • Separate stack for interrupt handlers is not released.

scmRTOS samples 1-EventFlag and 4-Debug are included. Samples are compiled with IAR v1.30 and tested on STM8S-DISCOVERY board (STM8S105C6).

1-EventFlag sample is based on AVR/GCC port sample so explanation of this scmRTOS sample can be used.

4-Debug sample does not work properly if maximum optimisation for speed is selected in IAR IDE.

Update 8-Nov-2011: STM8/IAR port added to scmRTOS repository.

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