scmRTOS for STM8, IAR port

STM8/IAR port added to pre-v400 branch of scmRTOS repository.
scmRTOS samples for STM8/IAR can be downloaded as archive. scmRTOS/Common, scmRTOS/Extensions and scmRTOS/STM8 directories are empty in this package. scmRTOS pre-v4.00 kernel, OS extensions and STM8/IAR port archives should be downloaded separately and unpacked in appropriate directories.

If subversion is installed it is easier to run command:

svn co ./scmRTOS-samples

scmRTOS-samples directory with project subdirectories will be created.
Then run scmRTOS-samples\switch.bat command file for switching scmRTOS\Common, scmRTOS\Extensions and scmRTOS\STM8 to corresponding repository directories.

The samples were built by IAR EWSTM8-KS-1301 compiler and tested with STM8S-DISCOVERY board (STM8S105C6).

The package differs from STM8 port draft release in:

  • Port and samples rewrote for using STMicroelectronics standard peripheral library;
  • All four standard scmRTOS samples released;
  • GPIO access template class header pin.h added. The class based on corresponidng class of Cortex-M3 port (STM32 samples).

Only header files from STM8S_StdPeriph_Driver library added to samples.

Attention! stm8s.h file changed!

  • extern "C" { wrapper added;
  • typedef enum { FALSE=0, TRUE=!FALSE } bool; definition wrapped in #ifndef __cplusplus;
  • stdint.h standard header included instead of local definitions of fixed-width types such as uint16_t.

The port limitations are the same:

  • LARGE data model not supported.
  • Software interrupt context switcher not released.
  • Separate stack for interrupt handlers not released.

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