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bug in resync (MPSSE)

Bug was found in SCK-pulse synchronisation in following conditions:

  • firmware sets high level on SCK pin;
  • an MPSSE-based adapter is used (FT2232, FT4232, FT232H).

Microcontroller can be programmed again via USB-based adapter after erasing via LPT-based adapter.

In my case the bug appears with AT90S8515 but not reproduced for ATmega168.

Bugfix will be published as soon as possible.

The bug has been fixed in version 1.28r13.

bug in -v+ switch processing

-v+ switch (-v switch with + modifier) is incorrectly processed by avreal versions from 1.28r2 to 1.28r6.
avreal checks for 0xFF all memory locations instead of ones unused in HEX-file.
That way avreal stops work after verification and rejects subsequent operations, for example, fuse write command.

-v switch without modifier is processed properly so it is recommended to use it.
The bug is not critical. Bugfix will be later.

The bug has been fixed in version 1.28r7.

avreal/linux and 64-bit

At the beginning of december FTDI gave us a small gift — a new version 1.0.0 of library. But avreal/Linux 64 bit doesn’t work with the library. I will check avreal code later. I have placed previous version 0.4.16 of with which avreal works properly, on the download page.

Read more in another post: “The FTDI’s gift”

bug in avreal 1.28r2 and 1.28r3

A strange bug was found in avreal 1.28r2 and 1.28r3. At the coincidence of conditions

  • An FT2232/FT4232-based adapter is used
  • There are some data for top two flash bytes — either data from hex-file or erase counter
  • flash and fuses are used in one avreal call
  • -v verification switch is used

for some microcontroller types avreal fails with “synchronosation lost” error after the first verification.

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bug in ext fuse processing

avreal does not process fuses from Extended Fuse byte for ATmega16M1, ATmega32M1, ATmega64M1, ATmega32C1, ATmega64C1. The fuses are read as 0 and not writed.

Fixed in avreal 1.28rev3

bug in avreal -a swicth (1.28r0, 1.28r1)

avreal crashes when -a switch is used without either -p or +chip switch. The bug is not critical because avreal works fine when switch -a is used correctly. Bugfix will be later.

Fixed in avreal 1.28rev2

bug in avreal -n switch

avreal doesn’t check presence of two last bytes of microcontroller flash memory in HEX-file when -n -v swithes are used. The bytes in microcontroller flash memory are threated as erase counter and aren’t verified.

Feb 8, 2010

Нere is not an error, just feature.
The avreal verifies all flash bytes with an input file but siently ignores -n switch.

bug in AVReAl 1.27r2

BUGs found in avreal 1.27r2.

  • Unable to program microcontroller flash/eeprom with XTAL supplied by avreal (-o0) and no-polling write switch (-w not -wp). Fuses programming not affected.
  • Inaccuracy in at90usb82, at90usb162, atmega16u2, atmega32u2, atmega328P fuses descriptions.

The update will be released soon.

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